Monday, November 06, 2006

Marshawn Lynch

Name: Marshawn Lynch

Age: 20
College: California
Position: HB
Jersey #: 10
Years Pro: Rookie
Hand: Right

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 223 lbs.
Skin: Dark
Hair color: Black
Hair Style: Dreadlocks
Left Tattoo: None
Right Tattoo: None

Helmet: Style 3
Facemask: 3-Bar RB
Visor: Dark
Eye Paint: Black
Nasal Strip: None
Mouth Piece: TC

Neck: None
R Elbow: BK Wrist
L Elbow: BK Wrist
R Wrist:
BK Wrist
L Wrist: BK Wrist
R Hand: BK RB Gloves
L Hand: BK RB Gloves
Long Sleeve: None
Left Knee: Normal
Right Knee: Normal
Left Ankle: Normal
Right Ankle: Normal
Shoes: Solid

Overall: 81
Spd: 92
Str: 67
Awr: 63
Agi: 92
Acc: 94
Cth: 74
Car: 77
Jmp: 74
Btk: 75
Tak: 10
Thp: 33
Tha: 24
Pbk: 31
Rbk: 28
Kpw: 29
Kac: 22
Kr: 35
Sta: 87
Inj: 83
Tgh: 85


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